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WideTEK® 25 and WideTEK® 12 – Flatbeds for Professionals, 3D Scanning

Wuppertal, Germany - March 4, 2014 - Image Access has redesigned the successful WideTEK25 and also added a smaller model, the WideTEK12 with a scanning area of 12,2 * 18,5 inches. The redesigned WideTEK 25 and the new WideTEK 12 will be available in April 2014.

Both scanners have the capability to capture images in the normal 2D mode with two newly developed LED lamps that produce very diffuse, natural light to avoid capturing folds and wrinkles.
A new 3D feature opens a world of possibilities and potential markets. Surface properties of the source material are captured and merged into the image in the most natural way, producing incredibly vivid 3D-like images that look real.
The scanners have a lid with a stop at 60° and 100° for convenient operation. Advances in the optics design mean that closing the lid is not necessary in most cases, which boosts productivity and ease of use even higher. The WideTEK 25 is only 770mm (30”) wide while the WideTEK 12 only occupies 450mm (18”). Both scanners are the most compact in their class.

About Image Access

Image Access is the technology market leader developing and delivering innovative large format scanners and digitization solutions to customers based in nearly every country across the globe. Image Access is a unique large format scanner manufacturer producing three lines of scanners, overhead scanners for books beyond A1, sheet scanners for document width up to 48” single and double sided and flatbed scanners larger than A3. Development and manufacturing in Germany ensures the highest quality and durability level of the industry at a very competitive price level. For more information visit or

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